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The Definition of Trypophoba |

The Definition of Trypophoba

What is a Trypophobe?

Usually, Trypophobia is installed since early childhood, being one of those diseases that disappear until the teenager years. A Trypophobe can’t even explain his condition, as it is uncommon and children suffering from it will never tell about it. Although the people that are not suffering from this disease have problems understanding this condition, and even if they have some people suffering from this condition in the family, they will neglect it, saying that this is not such a big deal. Well, it is. The people having this problem can’t eat anything with holes, and they have an unnatural Fear of Holes in the Skin.

As it is an uncommon condition, people that have it can’t even recognize it. The subject of Trypophobia was barely studied, and the doctors are only prescribing the treatments for other types of phobias for a Trypophobe.
The Fear of Holes in the Skin does not exist officially, but more and more people suffer from this condition. The name Trypophobia was given by people suffering from this condition, and you can’t find it in any official dictionary.

A Trypophobe is afraid of holes, especially those having irregular margins. The person associates those holes with the Fear of Holes in the Skin. The diseased person is afraid to look to close to his or hers skin, thinking that those holes are visible. The holes that create this fear are small, with irregular shapes and they are usually clustered together.

From this reason, the Trypophobia does not appear in the case of regular holes with regular shapes. A person with this phobia can develop other fears at some point, including the fear of bubbles and spots. The brain associates those shapes with a hole, and this is why the condition appears.

The Fear of Holes in the Skin is a common disease now, and people are starting to report this problem more and more often. This is why a group of researchers and psychologists started to study this problem, and soon we will have guides and treatments for this problem.

The phobia is also an irritating condition, as it is different from other phobias. The Trypophobe is afraid of the holes, but he or she can’t stop watching them. Moreover, those persons are normal in everyday life. For example, a person suffering from this condition can watch horror movies without any problem.
The causes of this condition are still unknown. However, it is known that a trypophobic has two different reactions at the appearance of holes. The first one would be to watch it for a while, and then the person would think about covering it or destroying it. It is believed that those persons suffer from dizziness at the appearance of those wholes, and another rumor says the condition is connected with the childhood of the person. If you suffer from this condition, think about your childhood. If you had many wounds, bleed a lot from the common childhood accidents or you had a scar for a long time, this might be the cause of your phobia.

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