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Fear of Holes |

Fear of Holes

Afraid of holes?

A true trypophobia sufferer


Are you afraid of holes?

Do you know who a trypophobe is? Or else, do you know what trypophobia is all about? Generally, Trypophobia is becomes embedded in early childhood. It is among the diseases that appear and disappear till kids reach their teen years. But in many cases, it is more like – once a trypophobic, always a trypophobic!

The face of the problem

And Trypophobe individuals usually are unable to even explain what this condition is all about. Though the problem is miserable, it’s pretty uncommon till today and children who suffer from trypophobia may never tell anyone about it. Though the people who’re not suffering have problems realizing what this condition is all about, they develop further complications in most of the cases. And even though they’ve got some people around them suffering from the conditions they are (these people could be family members), they are likely to neglect it. They keep telling themselves that the fear of holes in skin is not a very big deal. Well, in fact it is! People suffering from this type of problems find trouble trying to eat things that have holes (like cheese) and they end up spending their whole life fearing holes in their skin.

The practicality surrounding the problem

As it’s an unusual condition, there are many people out there who fail to recognize it, actually. The issue of Trypophobia till now is has barely been studied, whereas the doctors and psychologist are just able to prescribe the treatments for many other kinds of phobias to heal someone who is a Trypophobe. And you also got to face the fact that there is no clinical explanation or recognition for the fear of holes in skin. Still, an increasing number of people are suffering from this complication. The term Trypophobia was actually assigned by people who are suffering from the condition. Chances are high that you will not find it in the dictionaries.

Nature of Trypophobia

As a matter of fact, Trypophobes are simple afraid when they catch the sight of holes, particularly those with irregular margins. Even worse, some people end up associating this problem with bot flies that make holes in the mammal skin. The individual suffering from this problem is afraid of staring too near to his / her skin. He or she thinks that the holes have become visible. But the holes creating this fear happen to be much smaller and have irregular shapes. Moreover, they remain clustered. From this reason in particular, the problem of Trypophobia doesn’t appear when the patient has regular holes featuring regular shapes.

When things get worse, the trypophobe develops other types of fears at some stage, which can include the fear of bubbles / spots. The brain associates those shapes with a hole, and this is why the condition appears. The fear of holes in their skin becomes more common over time. And the condition is really irritating… sometimes more of a hassle than the misery of bot fly itself. You could try to get along with online support groups who share the same kind of fears. In most of the cases, mental therapies can help.

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