Holes in Skin

Holes in the Skin- A Trypophobics Nightmare

Acne scars can be a cause of trypophobia
Trypophobia-holes in skin

Let’s get down to the root of the fear trypophobia, holes in the skin. Holes in the skin can be caused by various things including enlarged pores, acne scars, bot flies, and gaping wounds. These holes can trigger a very emotional reaction in trypophobia sufferers. This section of this sites goes into great detail on various types of holes in the skin and how they relate to trypophobia including their causes, symptoms, and cures.

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Enlarged Pores
Enlarged pores can cause trypophobia suffers to panic. Find out why in this article

Hair Plugs
Hair plugs can often result in trypophobic reactions among witnesses. Read more here.

Oftentimes acne can cause a trypophobic reaction among sufferers. Find out more here.

Pock Marks
One of the unfortunate results of severe acne is being left with acne scars or pock marks on your face. Read about how these affect trypophobia.

Trypophobia skin condition
here is a trypophobia skin condition